[LAD] RME madiface

Florian Faber faber at faberman.de
Fri Jul 11 05:21:28 UTC 2008


> I've notice a similar issue with the AES32 syncing to the Lynx Aurora
> 16. Playback sounded fine on all channels, but according to
> alsamixer, the AES32 unit was reporting that some channels were
> synced and some weren't. (I was wondering if the problem may have
> been with the cable, but to my ear it sounded ok) The Aurora 16 would
> say it was locked on whatever sync source I selected.

I'm currently upgrading the driver to version 2.61 and RayDAT support. 
There have been MAJOR modifications.. The driver was pretty 
unmaintained for quite some time now.

Please drop me an email if you whish to test the next driver version 
since I have no AES32 myself.

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