[LAD] Writing a library?

Nedko Arnaudov nedko at arnaudov.name
Wed Jul 23 10:15:44 UTC 2008

Julien Claassen <julien at c-lab.de> writes:

> Hi!
>    Yes the autotools are good. cmake might be better, but it is not as well 
> known and often used as autotools and scons.
>    As I heard scons should be enough for a lot of things. Even for multi 
> platform stuff. Csound uses it and seems fine with it and a couple more linux 
> (multiplatform) applications like ardour.
>    my choice would always be between autoconf/automake/et al. and scons. For 
> both learning is necessary. For scons it's python and for the autotools it's 
> the macro-language. Both seems to have nice reference docs...

I'd sugeest you waf, takes goods sides of autotools (separate configure
stage), scons (python) and cmake (nice progress indication). And even
has good features that are unique. Like. waf being part of source tree,
thus multiple developers cannot end with having different versions of
the build tool.

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