[LAD] Writing a library?

Darren Landrum darren.landrum at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 23 15:24:52 UTC 2008

Julien Claassen wrote:
> Hi Darren!
>   I'd still suggest on going linuxsampler. There's a basic framework 
> already. I'm not the skillful programmer myself, otherwise I'd like to 
> help. But reasons for my point:
> 1. LS has already MIDI and audio drivers working.
> 2. LS offers a clear structure and an API to go by.
> 3. LS is in use already.
> 4. It already has two GUIs and is probably getting more.
> 5. MY OWN HERE: It's useable for blind people as well with relative ease.
> 6. I think the people there are a helpful and nice crowd.
>   So six nice reasons to go that way. Perhaps you can also rely on code 
> already written, like take a look and produce similar code in parts and 
> there are people who know the framework and the matter. and it won't be 
> another standalone app to maintain and adapt to every novation in the 
> audio-world, like audio/MIDI driver APIs changing etc...
>   One of the delicate remarks: If you don't get along well with 
> LinuxSampler's license, you could make your "engine" a seperate package 
> and say it's LGPL. Is tht correct? Some backup. No licensing discussion 
> just a true or false statement. PLEASE! :-)
>   Kindest regards
>          Julien

I'm not a CS person, I'm a math and engineering person. I truly and 
honestly believe that it will be easier for me to start from scratch 
than to try to wrap my head around someone else's codebase.

That being said, I mentioned starting with a code framework that would 
allow the creation of any kind of synth or sampler, not just the one I 
have in mind (which is inspired by the upcoming Omnisphere more than 
anything else). I may not be a CS guy, but I do understand the value of 
planning in advance.

Nevertheless, anyone who quotes John Miles in his sig must be a cool 
person, so I'll certainly wait a bit for other ideas and advice before 
barreling off on my own. Thank you for the reply.

-- Darren Landrum

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