[LAD] jack, kernel, etc. versions & priorities

Garett Shulman shulmang at colorado.edu
Mon Jul 28 01:32:26 UTC 2008

Hello, I had a great performing linux audio setup until I had to move to 
a newer kernel to get some hardware on a new motherboard to work. Now I 
can't seem to get decent performance and thought it might be helpful if 
folks could chime in with what versions, etc. they are using with decent 
success. In particular I'm having a very challenging time with Linux 
Sampler, which I had previously working very solidly but now regardless 
of numerous jack/ls version permutations segfaults when I create a jack 
driver in ls. Thanks! -Garett

Kernel version? RT patch? Preemption mode? Audio hardware IRQ scheduling 
policy and priority?

Alsa version if different from kernel?

Jack version, scheduling policy and priority?

Linux Sampler version (or cvs date), scheduling policy and priority?

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