[LAD] [ANN] QjackCtl 0.3.3 (unstable-qt4) released!

Rui Nuno Capela rncbc at rncbc.org
Sat Jun 7 14:34:33 UTC 2008


I am pleased to announce this new and long due release of QjackCtl, the 
Qt GUI for the awesome JACK Audio Connection Kit.

Release highlights are mainly about final JACK-MIDI support for the 
"evil" Patchbay, new Messages file logging and the most intriguing 
application window instance uniqueness which will make X11 desktop life 
easier for everyone (ie. no more duplicates as JACK server gets 
auto-started as candy bonus:)

You can grab it from the project source as usual:


In case you need an upstream hug, you're free to visit my own forum:


The change-log doesn't say much but... here it goes:

- Attempt to load Qt's own translation support and get rid of the ever 
warning startup message, unless built in debug mode (transaction by 
Guido Scholz, while on qsynth-devel, thanks).

- Messages file logging makes its first long overdue appearance, with 
user configurable settings in Setup/Options/Logging.

- Only one application instance is now allowed to be up and running, 
with immediate but graceful termination upon startup iif an already 
running instance is detected, which will see its main widget shown up 
and the server started automatically (Qt/X11 platform only).

- Finally, full JACK MIDI support sneaks into the patchbay; socket types 
now differ in Audio, MIDI and ALSA, following the very same nomenclature 
as found on the Connections widget tabs.

- Sun driver support (by Jacob Meuser).

- Delay window positioning at startup option is now being disabled, on 
the Setup/Misc tab, when Minimize to system tray is enabled.

- Cosmetic fix: Setup/Settings tab, 'Input Device' text label was using 
a slightly smaller font than the rest of the application (bug#1872545, 
reported by Jouni Rinne).

Cheers && Enjoy
rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela
rncbc at rncbc.org

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