[LAD] Small sequencers [was: Re: Packaging advice]

Bengt Gördén bengan at bag.org
Wed Jun 11 08:47:03 UTC 2008

Den Tuesday 10 June 2008 21.12.32 skrev Malte Steiner:
> >> I just stumbled upon the Non Sequencer, which seems to be nice for
> >> live performance as well: http://non.tuxfamily.org/
> >
> > About seq24.
> >
> > http://non.tuxfamily.org/MANUAL.html
> > 7. Sister Projects
> > 3'd section
> I read that, pretty bold statement. Dont see that SEQ24 is that
> unoptimized, I think its rather good.

I've never thought of seq24 as unoptimized until this guy wrote about it. 
Anyway. I'm happy as long as things work ok. It doesn't have to be 100% in 
all aspects.

> I wonder why the creator didn't 
> jump onboard seq24 and improved it. Typical open source behaviour, but
> maybe he is heading in another direction.

It looks quite similar to Freewheeling (and he gives credit to the 
freewheeling devs) and I like the look and feel of freewheeling so I'll give 
Non a spin to see how it works.


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