[LAD] starting out with tux audio

AlgoMantra algomantra at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 11:34:03 UTC 2008

Hey Guys, thanks so much for all the input.
Now I need to process/experiment with it all and get back to

Jens!!! The code you're sending is most helpful.
We were able to play a few nice loops today in class
using pure sine synthesis in C, and I of course suggested they
start working on a keyboard-input thingie like a toy Casio.
Of course, they are 18-20 years old, just out of high school.
So you cannot imagine how timely this is...

Frank: I don't like the PD patchwork interface much, but while studying PD
and Puckette's bible I found your footils most helpful. Why I don't like
the PD interface, um.....have you played with VVVV? If you're
into visual synthesis, try it, and you'll see why its much more
intuitive. http://vvvv.org/ -- for windows only :(

My own plans are far more nefarious....um, I dare not spell them
out so soon.

warm regards,
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