[LAD] FW: [piksel] The future of videojack ?

Stéphane Letz letz at grame.fr
Wed May 7 09:00:50 UTC 2008

Le 7 mai 08 à 10:47, Nedko Arnaudov a écrit :

> torbenh at gmx.de writes:
>>>> /*
>>>>  * Get the number of frames in a video port buffer
>>>>  */
>>>> jack_nframes_t
>>>> jack_video_get_frame_count (void *port_buffer);
>> i dont think there would be more than one frame per process callback.
>> so this call is not necessary in my opinion.
> I think with PAL (25Hz), you have one frame each 40ms. With interlaved
> video you get 20ms. With not low latency setup you will get more than
> one frame almost always.
> I dont get why there should be separate thread for video.

Because you may want to drop a video frame, but not an audio buffer..  
i think 2 threads are needed.
But better postpone this discusssion for > jack 2.0...


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