[LAD] [ANN] lash-0.6.0 release candidate 2

Nedko Arnaudov nedko at arnaudov.name
Tue Nov 11 16:22:14 UTC 2008

"alex stone" <compose59 at gmail.com> writes:

> Nedko, if you're lost in this then i have no chance. :)
> With everything still intact, and the visible cable connections still active
> in the lpatchage pic i posted before, this is what qjackctl shows me.
> http://shup.com/Shup/80256/jack1.png

This shows you have JACK MIDI connections between rosegarden and
linuxsampler. both apps are alsa seq and midi goes:

rosegarden -> a2jmidid -> jack midi -> a2jmidid -> linuxsampler

qjackctl shows jack midi connections in midi tab, alsa seq connections
in alsa tab.

> http://shup.com/Shup/80256/jack.png

does not open here

> And here's the lpatchage pic of RG, my midi keyboard, and LS, all lashed
> together, reflecting the connections shown in Qjackctl.
> http://shup.com/Shup/80261/patch3.png

Those are JACK MIDI connections.

> This tells me i have connections in both alsa, and a2j, at the same time.
> If lpatchage shows me a connection(s) then what is it? a2j? You've already
> written that lpatchage can't patch alsa, so it must be a2j, yes?

yes ;)

> I will admit here i don't understand how i can connect RG in lpatchage, if
> RG is static bridge and won't respond to a2j. The pics seem to say
> otherwise, and the connection to Linuxsampler as well has me thoroughly
> mystified, if this is the case. (And i'll be the first to admit i'm a
> complete wizard at the gentle art of user error.)

RG is not static bridge. I was refering to alsaseq-jackmidi static
bridges. a2jmidid is dynamic bridge, dynamic means, it automatically
creates JACK MIDI ports for ALSA seq midi ports. I've tried to exmpain
things in a2jmidid README:


My confusion about RG is, that I was under impression that rosegarden
does not create output alsa seq midi ports but just sends midi events to
exisiting alsa seq midi input ports. I think i've checked this but maybe
I just got it wrong. I dont really use RG.

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