[LAD] ALSA doumentation

Hannu Savolainen hannu at opensound.com
Sun Nov 16 22:02:33 UTC 2008

Fred Gleason kirjoitti:
> On Saturday 15 November 2008 09:13:33 pm Jack O'Quin wrote:
>> Most applications should use some simpler
>> interface like JACK or PulseAudio.  
> Or OSS or PortAudio or [insert-favorite-framework-here].  They all have their 
> places.
>> The low-level driver interface 
>> should expose the full capabilities of the audio hardware for more
>> complex control purposes.
> Yes, which is why I think ALSA is most appropriately characterized as a 'HAL' 
> (Hardware Abstraction Layer).  Now if we could just get the bits and pieces 
> documented properly...  :)
ALSA is not a 'HAL' but a 'HEL' (Hardware Exposing Layer). For good 
hardware abstraction as much details as possible should be hidden from 
the applications. Having 1500+ different functions means that there is 
hardly any abstraction left. For this reason ALSA usually needs to be 
hidden behind additional libraries (Jack, PulseAudio and dozens of more 
to come).

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