[LAD] Guide to Linux Sound APIs

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Wed Oct 1 03:54:47 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 30 September 2008, Wolfgang Woehl wrote:
>Lennart Poettering:
>> On Tue, 30.09.08 11:28, Gene Heskett (gene.heskett at verizon.net)
>> > >You can move any active stream on-the-fly to a different device.
>> > > Just right-click on it in pavucontrol. PA will then remember
>> > > for later.
>> > >
>> > >Also, you can easily make a different device default via
>> > > paucontrol, too.
>Gene, can I say that you want to make sure to really understand what
>Lennart says here? 

ATM, I have to take your word for it Wolfgang.  I just replaced the 
motherboard, memory and video in this box, and audio is about 4th down on the 
need to fix list for the next day or so.

>The power pavucontrol gives you as an audio user is 
>massive. Stuff like setting devices for live streams of applications
>used to be buried deep deep down. pulseaudio provides a view of your
>sound devices and sound sources that was simply not there before. It
>provides what most people want, actually, only that ...
>> > What is pavucontrol?  It was never, ever, part of the kde menu's
>> > on this F8, KDE-3.5.9 equipt x86 box.  The tool may well work as
>> > advertised, but first it has to be found before it can be used.
>> It is available in the GNOME menus AFAIR. I do not maintain the
>> Fedora KDE packages and I have no idea how well or bad PA is
>> integrated in KDE.
>... it needs way better integration from distributions. That's where
>userland is important. Make the effort to report KDE's supposed lack
>of pavucontrol (Lennart, couldn't you have called the thing
>pulsecontrol? Ach!)

Jolly idea, that.  blahcontrol seems to be the buzzword these days.

>to redhat and it will get fixed. Like Lennart 
>says: He's not even aware of it because he's on gnome. Help them and
>people will benefit from it.

And I don't like gnomes constant nannying and nagging, not to mention its 
difficulty in actually configuring it.  Gnome seems built for winderz users 
and I only have one xp install out of 4 machines here.  And it boots F8 99.9% 
of the time.  KDE I can set to do almost anything.

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Cheers, Gene
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