[LAD] wiki.linuxaudio.org and outdated/dead projects

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Mon Oct 6 21:57:01 UTC 2008

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Holger Ballweg wrote:

> I'm using Linux for quite some time now, often using audio applications.
Welcome Holger.

> To discover new applications, there luckily is linuxaudio.org's appdb.
> Unfortunately many of the apps aren't actively developed, some are
> nowhere to be found because the homepage has vanished.
> I just started editing the wiki and wanted to know, if we could add a
> tag, which in some way makes it possible to see which projects are still
> active or which not.

You're welcome to do so. - You can just add a tag like
{{tag>UNMAINTAINED}} or {{tag>DEAD_LINK}} (A tag in dokuwiki may not
contain whitespaces) or a combination of these {{tag>UNMAINTAINED
DEAD_LINK}} ;) -  If the tag is used the first-time it will be rendered
in RED - click on the link and create/save an index-page (from a
template) for this tag.

eg. http://apps.linuxaudio.org/apps/all/ubuntustudio

We can assign images to certain tags - There are already a couple for
JACK, LV2, DEB, RPM, etc. but this is unfinished work.

> A possible solution could be to include some mechanism to show which
> packages were updated in the last couple years by including a timestamp
> for the last release (like proposed in the wiki) in the app entry and to
> add an to the listings, which shows projects updated in the last 12 months.

We had the idea to use lsm files to grep version information from, or
provide a wiki META-INFO for source-repos - the problem is that these
automatic-polling mechanisms are very prone to spamming.

> I'd like to mess with the wiki some more, but first I'd like to have a
> possibility to mark those old projects...

You should be able to help yourself already.
If you have a local account (no openID) I can add you to the editor's
group which makes few things (batch uploads, changes etc) easier.

I was planning an update of the content of apps/wiki for months already;
What about we share the workload and do it in October.
It won't be too hard to make a script that checks for dead links and
auto-tags apps-pages. - I'm going to resume
http://mir.dnsalias.com/blog/linux_sound_tags . I made a few scripts to
mass-rename tags and categories for dokuwiki; but it's still 200
tag-names to walk-through and I'm rather busy ATM as well ;(

keep in touch,
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