[LAD] wiki.linuxaudio.org and outdated/dead projects

Holger Ballweg holger.ballweg at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 09:23:35 UTC 2008

Robin Gareus wrote:
> You're welcome to do so. - You can just add a tag like
> {{tag>UNMAINTAINED}} or {{tag>DEAD_LINK}} (A tag in dokuwiki may not
> contain whitespaces) or a combination of these {{tag>UNMAINTAINED
> DEAD_LINK}} ;) -  If the tag is used the first-time it will be rendered
> in RED - click on the link and create/save an index-page (from a
> template) for this tag.

ok, done that.

> We can assign images to certain tags - There are already a couple for
> JACK, LV2, DEB, RPM, etc. but this is unfinished work.

Perhaps it could be practical to hide all entries tagged both
unmaintained and dead_link and provide a link at the bottom of the page
to explicitly show them.
Also we could assign an image to those that are just unmaintained
(perhaps (something like) this:
http://www.hermann-uwe.de/blog/new-unmaintained-free-software-logo )

> We had the idea to use lsm files to grep version information from, or
> provide a wiki META-INFO for source-repos - the problem is that these
> automatic-polling mechanisms are very prone to spamming.

Perhaps we could also use some clever script to extract new releases out
of the LAA list - I don't know how hard this would be.

Or for better known projects we could rely on wikipedia :-/

All kind of hackish...

Perhaps we should just update that information by hand and hope that
some day more people will use and update this wiki,
or that it becomes standard for a project to maintain a decent wiki
entry at apps.linuxaudio.org :-)

> You should be able to help yourself already.
> If you have a local account (no openID) I can add you to the editor's
> group which makes few things (batch uploads, changes etc) easier.
My account name is "Holger", it's not openID. Would be really cool if
you could add me to that group :)

> I was planning an update of the content of apps/wiki for months already;
> What about we share the workload and do it in October.

Yeah, let's do this.

> It won't be too hard to make a script that checks for dead links and
> auto-tags apps-pages. 

Would be nice, if you could do that. Then we could go over them and
check which are unmaintained or which are just plain wrong links.
We could add a version number and date of release to unmaintained
projects and don't bother about them as they are not active anyways.

> keep in touch,
> robin

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