[LAD] [OT] DIY Trigger - Piezo to MIDI to PC

Jens M Andreasen jens.andreasen at comhem.se
Fri Oct 17 15:15:21 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-10-17 at 18:09 +0300, Nedko Arnaudov wrote:
> I know a way to implement this. I've read it somewhere in
> Internet. piezo output is limited using zener diode (you want to do this
> anyway because next electronic components may get burned out). Then you
> can measure width of the impuse. Wider the impulse is, more "attack" you
> have. In midi terms drum attack becomes midi note on velocity parameter.
> >
> > I understand the concept and design roughly and I can move on by reading the
> > construction manual (refering to edrum's DIY guide), but at the moment I'm
> > looking for a quick way to build a trigger as I need it asap (and no $$ for
> > a real trigger kit/module).

This might be terribly  obvious but: Plug the piezo into the microphone
input on your computer? 

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