[LAD] [OT] DIY Trigger - Piezo to MIDI to PC

Ray Rashif schivmeister at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 18:29:50 UTC 2008

Oh wow, every single one of you starting from Nedko have just saved me hours
of research! Thanks so much guys, extra points to Andy for his walkthrough
with bonus code, Folderol for citing the exact reference material and Josh
for landing the correct device (eroktronix) =P

Yes, it's obvious yet I didn't contemplate the piezo-DI-soundcard route. I
feel so stupid now, but thanks to the prompt response here I have something
to work on right away. Initially, and also the reason why I was so lost with
this is because, I wanted to bypass a full-fledged microcontroller eg.
Arduino (since I'm only dealing with one channel) but still have MIDI via a
very simple breadboard _before_ reaching the computer. Credit this to my
lack of understanding.

Yes, I'm sticking the piezo onto the skin/head internally. As for the beater
hitting directly, I don't know if that's harmful but it's worth a try. I'm
positioning it behind the skin opposing the surface area where the beater
hits, instead of placing it "off-axis" somewhere else nearer to the rim
(common when triggering externally). In any case, I've got to get the signal
up and running before I can actually toy around.

I like the threshold-detector-software suggestion, but as mentioned, it'll
be a safer bet going with Arduino as most of the electronics are taken care

This list is awesome.
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