[LAD] my basic in-game audio xsynthesisx api

james morris james at jwm-art.net
Sun Apr 19 03:21:54 UTC 2009


Just a post to say I got the LADSPA working with SDL for my game. I've
scrapped the synthesis idea at the moment, but might go back to it.

The 1st stage can be downloaded from:

If you have spare time on your hands, could you give the code the
once-over and offer any suggestions/criticism/advice?


relevant files:


further info:

The mixer code started off based upon the mixer from David Olofson's
DT-42 but has been converted to mix floating point data instead. It uses
libsndfile to load audio (flac) and libsamplerate for converting audio
during playback for different speed/pitch (but this has not been
incorporated into the api, the ratio is set randomly).

LADSPA plugins used are from SWH and C* (CAPS) sets. The ladspa_loader
code is based upon that used in my Wav Composer Not Toilet.

Still a lot more to do yet. Migrate effects processing from audio_gen.c
to smixer.c next job. The 1bar sequence/loop is hard-coded. Needs a
sequencer, probably will base it loosely upon DT-42 to begin with. Plan
is to have player position and immediate surroundings influence the
effects settings and mute voices/add extra hits/switch loops etc.
Free-up some allocations upon exit etc.

Info about the game itself can be found at:


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