[LAD] Linux Plumbers Conference 2009 CFP

Lennart Poettering mzynq at 0pointer.de
Sun Apr 19 23:17:07 UTC 2009


Doing (audio) infrastructure work on Linux? If so, please make to sure
to join us at the Linux Plumbers Conference 2009 in Portland/Oregon in
September. I will be doing an Audio track there and would like to make
sure that everyone who does audio infrastructure work submits a
paper, or at least attends, or maybe just knows about this conference!

It's a conference about the kernel-userspace interfacing, about the
lower levels in our software stack. 

Last year we had a very successfuly track about Audio and this year we
will hopefully have a successfuly track again. Last year among the
speakers we had Takashi Iwai (ALSA), Jonathan Woithe (FFADO) and me
(PulseAudio). This year, we'll hopefully have YOU as well! 

To get an idea of the conference, here's a writeup of last year's
track available from LWN:


More details about the conference you can find here:


The full CFP is available here:


Spread the word,


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