[LAD] [ann] QuteCsound 0.4.1

Andres Cabrera mantaraya36 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 25 13:28:07 UTC 2009

Hi all and sorry for crossposting...

I'm happy to announce a new version of QuteCsound (0.4.1). This
release is mostly a bug fix and usability enhancement release, but it
also contains a few minor useful features. One of the highlights is
localization in Spanish, German and French.

QuteCsound is a simple frontend for Csound featuring a highlighting
editor with autocomplete, interactive widgets and integrated help. It
is a cross-platform drop in replacement for MacCsound (it can open
files created in MacCsound), and aims to be a simple yet powerful and
complete development environment for Csound.

QuteCsound 0.4.1 has been tested on Windows, OS X, Linux and Solaris,
and it is free software released under the LGPLv2 or at your option GPLv3.

You can get it here:

There's more information here:

You can download a Quick Reference pdf document in English, Spanish or
German here:

Questions, comments and suggestions can be posted to the main Csound
mailing list, or join the QuteCsound users mailing list at:

Thanks to Joachim Heintz for continuous feedback, translation and
examples, François Pinot for the french translation and Andy
Fillebrown for the Windows installers and fixes for Windows issues.


New in 0.4.1:
-Many new examples
-Licenced under the LGPLv2 and GPLv3
-Print action in the menu (to print csd text)
-Spanish, German and French localization (many thanks to Joachim
Heintz and François Pinot)
-Line number display in status bar
-OK button is now the default button (activated with enter) for widget
-Quick Reference pdf in English, Spanish and French
-Improved indent/unindent and comment/uncomment

-Greatly improved performance for code highlighter
-Greatly improved performace for large graph display
-Highlighting of error line
-Open from finder on OS X
-Various permission problems for temporary files
-Fixed buttons showing correct status of panels on startup
-Improved console message handling
-Improved internal handling of values in slider and knob
-ScrollNumber widget now propagates its value correctly to other widgets
-Added xpm version of icon to reduce dependency on imagemagick for
Debian packaging
-Fixed external program launching on windows

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