[LAD] [LAU] Request for open source solution to spectrograms and phase measurement

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Thu Feb 5 14:20:37 UTC 2009

Ismael Valladolid Torres wrote:
> Sorry for the crossposting, but I don't know which list is more
> suitable to what I'm asking.
> One friend of mine is looking for a solution based in Linux. I admit I
> don't understand fully what he needs. That's why I am asking to you
> gurus out there... :)
> He needs something for level measurement of spectrograms, callibrated
> as K-14, also for phase measurement. He used [1]a plug-in for Nuendo
> in the past, but now he's looking for a netbook devoted only to this
> task, and he wants to use an open source solution.

hmm. there is a k-20 meter by fons adriaensen called jkmeter. it
shouldn't be too hard to hack it to k-14.
as for a spectrogram in k-14, i wonder if that's even properly defined.
there are a number of very capable analysers out there(JAPA is the one i
use, sonic visualizer has some very good ones as well), but i doubt
anyone of them is tuned to k14 by default. then again, you can watch
your headroom on the meter and be ok...

as for phase plots, there is no solution i know of. most people who need
that kind of data are proficient with maths tools such as octave and/or
gnuplot and will calculate their own, but unfortunately there is no
phase response plotter for the rest of us.

hope that helps,


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