[LAD] [LAU] Request for open source solution to spectrograms and phase measurement

victor Victor.Lazzarini at nuim.ie
Thu Feb 5 15:15:25 UTC 2009

As an aside to this,  I absolutely hate matlab and matlab-like
tools as far as programming is concerned. I always felt a  bit
ashamed to say that I did not really know them and that I used C
instead to do all my stuff even prototyping, with a bit of
gnuplot to do plots (heard a lot of "you can't use C for that").

However, to my delight, I discovered scipy et al about a year ago,
and since then I am a happy person. I had been a Python convert
for a while, using it for all sorts of little tasks, but now I can do all
plots, prototyping, etc, very quickly and with programs that can be read and
enjoyed. Phase plots are no problem there. This is what I would
call something 'for the rest of us'.

as for phase plots, there is no solution i know of. most people who need
that kind of data are proficient with maths tools such as octave and/or
gnuplot and will calculate their own, but unfortunately there is no
phase response plotter for the rest of us.

hope that helps,


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