[LAD] [ANN] Aqualung 0.9beta10 released

Tom Szilagyi tomszilagyi at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 21:15:37 UTC 2009

Hi all,

On behalf of the developer team, it is my pleasure to announce the
latest release of Aqualung, an advanced cross-platform gapless music
player. This release is the result of a year's work, much of which has
been done by our newly joined developer Jeremy Evans. Please see the
ChangeLog below for the highlights of this release.

As usual, the platform independent source tarball and the
self-extracting installer for Microsoft Windows, as well as up-to-date
documentation is immediately available from the project website:


2009-02-08      Tom Szilagyi <tszilagyi at users dot sourceforge dot net>

   * Aqualung 0.9beta10

       * Add programmable title format support.

         This commit embeds a Lua interpreter inside of Aqualung for the
         purpose of allowing the user full control over the title format. It
         allows the user to use any metadata field that Aqualung recognizes,
         as well as a few fields from the file info in order to compose a
         title field.  See the documentation update included in this release
         for usage information for this feature.

       * Loop playback enhancements:

         New key bindings '<' and '>' for adjusting loop range start and end
         (respectively) to the current playing position. Active only when
         track repeat mode is on and a track is currently playing or paused.

         Added tooltip showing loop range in percentage and time (if there is
         a track loaded). Tooltips must be globally enabled for this feature.

       * Allow the systray to be disabled even if support is compiled in.

       * Add support for saving single playlists in M3U format. If the
         playlist file name ends with .m3u, it will save in M3U format (one
         filename per line) instead of the Aqualung XML format. This only
         affects the logic around saving single playlists; if you save all
         playlists at once, it will always use the XML format, because the
         M3U format does not support multiple playlists.

       * Add support for sndio backend, bringing the total number of
         backends to five. libsndio was recently introduced in OpenBSD as
         a simple audio API that supports OpenBSD's builtin sound server,

       * Add playlist context menu option 'Roll to active song'.

       * Optionally combine Play and Pause buttons into a single button.

       * Fix gapless MPEG audio playback (correct offset calculation) when
         ID3v2 tag is present.

       * Export can now copy files instead of reencoding them using the new
         target format "Copy".

       * A subset of input files can be forced to be copied instead of being
         reencoded. There are two criteria for this: when the source file is
         already in the target format, and when the source file matches any
         of a comma-separated list of wildchards (similarly to the builder
         exclusion list). Both options can be enabled/disabled from the
         Export dialog.

       * Handle HTTP/1.0 responses.

       * When updating all feeds, insert 1 second delay between
individual feeds.

       * Added right-click menu items for adding only new podcasts to playlist.

       * Music Stores can now use relative paths instead of absolute ones,
         allowing users to mount the same collection on different mount
         points (just one use case). Implementation is based on the patch by
         Russell Johnston, big thanks for both the idea and the
         contribution. A checkbox for toggling this feature is added to the
         Edit Store dialog (accessible via the right-click menu of stores).

       * All filenames use the GLib filename encoding instead of locale
         encoding. This is the proper and official way of doing it; if you
         have issues using filenames with special characters, consider
         setting the G_FILENAME_ENCODING or G_BROKEN_FILENAMES environment
         variables. If you are using an UTF-8 locale (a very wise choice),
         you have nothing to worry about.

       * Add extra check for mad.h presence to configure.

       * New store builder option to automatically remove non-existing files
         from the store. It is disabled by default.

       * Added new Swedish translation by Niklas Grahn.

       * Numerous minor bugfixes.

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