[LAD] remote commands

Fons Adriaensen fons at kokkinizita.net
Wed Feb 11 00:04:52 UTC 2009

Hello all,

Trying to control a cluster of computers from the 
only 'headed' one I've run into two unexpected
problems. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

(all the ssh in the examples below use dsa keys
to authenticate without a password, logins are
always OK)

The first is this:

Open an xterm and do

ssh -X remotemachine
. ~/.jackdrc

This runs jackd on the remote machine, and
a Ctl-C in the local terminal stops it.
All OK.

But then

ssh -X remotemachine ". ~/.jackdrc"

runs jackd as expected and its output appears
in the local xterm. But a Ctl-C in the local
xterm does terminate the ssh connection but
not the remote jackd. Why not ? It's not

The second is this:

Open an xterm and execute scriptA which
contains a line like

ssh -X remotemachine scriptB

This runs scriptB on the remote machine. The
script contains 'make' commands, one of which
is 'sudo make install'.

The produces an error from sudo, complaining
there is no terminal. But surely there is one,
even if it is via an ssh connection.

Replacing the line in script A with

ssh -X remotemachine xterm -e scriptB

runs the script in a new temporary xterm
and then the sudo command is executed
without any problem.

Why does sudo think there's no tty in the
first case ?



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