[LAD] remote commands

Gabriel M. Beddingfield gabriel at teuton.org
Wed Feb 11 00:46:59 UTC 2009

Hi Fons,

Fons Adriaensen wrote:
> But then
> ssh -X remotemachine ". ~/.jackdrc"
> runs jackd as expected and its output appears
> in the local xterm. But a Ctl-C in the local
> xterm does terminate the ssh connection but
> not the remote jackd. Why not ? It's not
> backgrounded.

I don't know why it behaves this way... but

ssh -t -X remotemachine ". ~/.jackdrc"

should do the trick.  '-t' requires a terminal.

It appears that 'ssh' is getting the ^C rather than the remote machine.  Why the 
remote process keeps going is a mystery to me.

> ssh -X remotemachine scriptB
> This runs scriptB on the remote machine. The
> script contains 'make' commands, one of which
> is 'sudo make install'.
> The produces an error from sudo, complaining
> there is no terminal. But surely there is one,
> even if it is via an ssh connection.

Actually, there's not one.  'man sudoers' apparently gives you the option to 
require it, though:

        requiretty      If set, sudo will only run when the user is logged in
                        to a real tty.  This will disallow things like "rsh
                        somehost sudo ls" since rsh(1) does not allocate a tty.
                        Because it is not possible to turn off echo when there
                        is no tty present, some sites may wish to set this flag
                        to prevent a user from entering a visible password.
                        This flag is off by default.

        tty_tickets     If set, users must authenticate on a per-tty basis.
                        Normally, sudo uses a directory in the ticket dir with
                        the same name as the user running it.  With this flag
                        enabled, sudo will use a file named for the tty the
                        user is logged in on in that directory.  This flag is
                        off by default.


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