[LAD] New music keyboard - new music scales.

Carl Adams info at 52midnight.com
Tue Feb 24 01:43:42 UTC 2009

Dear All

I am promoting the development and manufacture of a new music keyboard
capable of playing all traditional and some new musical scales.
Descriptions of both can be found on my website at:


The new design has been placed in the public domain, and I am seeking
expressions of interest in persuading manufacturers to design and market
the new keyboards.

I believe that such instruments could initiate something of a musical
renaissance and a range of new musical styles. It would also be of great
value in training choirs to sing the pure, untempered intervals of
traditional music rather than the tempered intervals of standard
keyboards. I'm hoping for some assistance from the Linux Audio community
in moving this forward, and would be very pleased to hear from anyone

Carl Adams.

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