[LAD] Looking for a LAC proxy

Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Thu Feb 26 19:56:20 UTC 2009

My paper on the optimization of a constant-Q algorithm in Octave was
accepted, but alas I will not be able to attend LAC this year. :-(

I asked and a proxy presentation is acceptable, so I ask if anyone would
have interest in collaborating with me for the presentation. I would of
course make up the slides and get you up to speed on everything, and I
could be able to be available for questions etc during the presentation
over VOIP or IRC.

Ideally you'd be familiar with octave/matlab and basic DSP concepts like

Fons Adriaensen wrote:
> A quick update on LAC2009
> The paper review has ended, and 24 papers have
> been accepted - this will require some squeezing
> to fit into a schedule. There are three major
> workshops planned as well, LASH, Netjack and
> CLAM, and possibly others.
> The music for the concerts has been selected.
> There will be two, on thursday 16 and saturday 18,
> at the orchestra rehearsal room of the auditorium
> Paganini.
> The only part that remains hanging in the air is
> the Linux Sound Night (planned friday 17) and that
> is why people who have proposed to play there have
> not had a definitive response up to now.
> The problem is finding the right space. In the
> center of Parma you need something that's soundproof
> or you will get the 'vigili' at your door within a
> few minutes. The originally planned place (which was
> near perfect) turned out to be too expensive. The two
> next ones we tried are already booked. There are still
> some places outside the center, but this will require
> organising transport as well, or a very long walk to
> your bed.
> Anyway the plan *is to have a LSN*. Expect more news
> in a week or so.
> Meanwhile we've started making the detailed program. 
> Several people are involved in more than one activity
> (papers, workshops, concerts, rehearsals) and taking
> all this into account creates a rather complex puzzle. 
> For now I'll assume that all paper presenters will be
> in Parma from thursday 16 april,11:00 to sunday 19
> april,13:00. Sunday afternoon we'll have the workshop
> reports, the traditional panel discussion and of 
> course the group picture.
> If you present a paper and can't make it in time or
> have to leave before the end of this period please
> let me know ASAP. 
> For the early arrivals, on wednesday evening we'll
> have the pre-conference pizza, and sunday evening
> the very unofficial conference dinner.
> The registration site should be up in a few days.
> Looking forward to see you all in Parma, 

Hans Fugal ; http://hans.fugal.net

There's nothing remarkable about it. All one has to do is hit the
right keys at the right time and the instrument plays itself.
    -- Johann Sebastian Bach

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