[LAD] jack2's dbus name

Lennart Poettering mzynq at 0pointer.de
Mon Jun 15 12:59:07 UTC 2009

On Mon, 15.06.09 11:01, Stéphane Letz (letz at grame.fr) wrote:

> > I was just thinking, when jack2 finished initialization it takes a
> > name on the session bus, right?
> Not sure about what you mean by " it takes name on the session bus". I  
> hope Nedko can answer better here.

I simply mean it calls dbus_bus_request_name()
resp. org.freedesktop.DBus.RequestName to acquire a service name n the
session bus, such as org.jack.foo.bar.

> > As soon as jack starts up and takes posession of the device, the hw
> > device will appear grayed out in pa's volume control, however a new
> > virtual device for connectivity with jack appears in the vc. Data
> > written to that device will be passed to JACK on a couple of
> > ports. It's then up to the user if he wants to make use of those ports
> > and connect them inside of jack or just leave them unconnected. (as
> > far as I understood the mere existance of a port when it is
> > unconnected has no detrimental effect on jack latency behaviour, does
> > it?). 

Could you say something about this question of mine regarding the mere
existance of ports in jack please?

> > Does that make sense to you?
> >
> > Lennart
> Technically it "could" make sense, but I'm not sure JACK users want  
> that as the default behaviour. I would prefer if "real users" in JACK  
> and LAD communities could elaborate on that.

I mean, the idea is to simply offer those PA innterconnection ports,
it's up to the user to connect them or not. And if a user really
doesn't want that we could even make that easily disabable in the PA
UI somewhere. 


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