[LAD] supporting a dedicated DSP chip with ALSA

Ziv Haziz Ziv.Haziz at dspg.com
Fri May 29 21:00:14 UTC 2009

Hi All,

i'm seeking an advise on the preferred way to support a dedicated DSP
chip under ALSA.

The system is an embedded system constructed on a dual core chip - one
core is ARM vanlia and the other is a dedicated DSP core.

The DSP core is capable of both playing both encoded streams (mp3, wma,
various voice coders) and of course PCM streams.
the codec (a2d, d2a) are  connected to DSP.


I looking for an elegant design to hide the DSP under the ALSA sysem and
I have several ideas and would like to get your advise:

1.	use LADSPA to make the DSP look as a plug-in for both control
and data - what I don't know is if  LADSPA forces me to return data to
the ALSA for sending it to the kernel drivers
2.	use the LADSPA to make the DSP control only and make another
kernel driver for the audio data pass - is it possible? There can be a
sync problem between the commands and the time the data will arrive?
Will this support JACKD ?


I'm open to other suggestions as well,

Thanks in advance



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