[LAD] State of Plugin API's

hollunder at gmx.at hollunder at gmx.at
Sun Nov 1 20:36:49 UTC 2009

here are some observations I and probably many others made:

1) hosts are slow at picking up extensions <for some reason>

2) hosts mostly use just slv2 <for some reason>

3) plugin authors are reluctant to write extensions <for some reason>

4) a number of plugin authors wrote their own hosts <for some reason>

Now people see different possible reasons for this, my version is:
1,2	->	I don't know. Bad documentation? Hard to use?
3	->	1,2
4	->	1,2

I think that's really all there is to this discussion, a bunch of
observations, different interpretations of why this is and thus
different suggestions to solve the problem.

So what is your variant?

Best regards,

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