[LAD] Help to choose an audio library for a project

Ludovic RESLINGER lr at cuivres.net
Sat Nov 7 16:33:47 UTC 2009


I'm student in computer science and for one of my projects, I
would like to program an audio player.

The player will be developed for GNU/Linux environment but I would like
to use an audio library which permit a portability for Windows and
MacOS X too.

The player will must read files in wav, MP3 and OGG/vorbis (at first)
and it will have an equalizer.

I think to use C++ language with Qt library for the graphical interface
but I encounter difficulties to make a choise for an audio library, that
is why I thought to ask the question on this list.

What would be the best audio library to program this kind of audio
applications ? (SDL ? OpenAl ? PortAudio? or other(s) ?)

Thank you by advance for your answers.

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