[LAD] List of LV2 hosts, plugins and features, add yours here

David Robillard dave at drobilla.net
Mon Nov 9 20:59:37 UTC 2009

On Sun, 2009-11-08 at 17:00 -0500, David Robillard wrote:
> On Sun, 2009-11-08 at 21:25 +0100, Thorsten Wilms wrote:
> > Hi!
> > 
> > Plugin and host authors and those who happen to know this: please reply
> > with at least 1 host or plugin(-set) and the provided or required
> > features/extensions.
> > 
> > I will then see that all that appears on the wiki.
> > 
> > If Dave provides a template, I should be able to write the RDF files for
> > the hosts.
> Here is a specification for this:
> http://lv2plug.in/ns/dev/host-info.lv2/host-info.html

Notes on this discovered in the process of working on a documentation

Plugins describe their support for features, not really extensions.
"Extension" is a bit of a meaningless term, the concrete things that can
be "required" by a plugin are features.  I'll probably need to modify
this vocabulary to reflect this.

The version stuff is also a bit under-specified, looking into that I see
that basically everything using doap:revision (e.g. in lv2.ttl) is
incorrect according to the doap vocabulary...


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