[LAD] adding session notifications to jack

Harry Van Haaren harryhaaren at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 21:33:06 UTC 2009


Also liking the simplicity, and I think it might be a nice feature to keep
the possiblity to save:
* the studio
* the room
* the project

Perhaps the user could "tagg" each app as what function it has/what its
being used for,
and then allow the saving of all apps with the same "tagg" to a file, for

-name-               -tag-
Qsynth               piano
JackRack          piano       (well, its reverb really)
calf                     piano       ( compressor)

and then save tagg piano, and you can reload the same programs?

It does substantially add to complexity I'm aware, but I like the concept of
being able to save subsets of programs and reload them seperatly from the
exact project that they were created in.
It seems a really usefuly feature, get a brilliant piano sound, double click
the file, and your done & playing!

Thats looking from a users point of view. I appreciate that including these
features in JACK might not be the way to go, as its not  "core" jack

Thought I'd share this idea.. Cheers -Harry
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