[LAD] Half speed audio playback issue

victor Victor.Lazzarini at nuim.ie
Mon Oct 5 19:41:35 UTC 2009

Would it be the case that Ardour etc are thinking this is a mono
file? A stereo file played as mono could sound half-speed (maybe
somewhat distorted, depending on the differences betweeen the channels).

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> Hi all,
> Just wondering if any of you can give me a few clues as to what the 
> possible
> culprits might be in the case of half speed (one octave down) audio 
> playback.
> I have recorded live audio into Audacity (stereo @48Khz) and exported it 
> out
> to a sound file (Ogg, MP3). It plays fine in Amarok, but at half speed in 
> both
> Ardour and Qtractor. Audacity is going straight to ALSA, Amarok through 
> Xine
> to ALSA.
> Looks like some kind of problem with Jack, which is very possible, but I 
> had
> no problem with using fluidsynth through Rosegarden (I could not load an
> audio file into it to test though?). I tried to play straight into 
> guitarix,
> rakarrak, etc. previously and ended up with really bad distorted sound, 
> that
> also sort of sounded like sampling/processing was not up to speed. I tried
> with an rt kernel, but no difference (flaky audio hardware is possible).
> Anyway, if you have experienced this before just let me know what you 
> think
> it is. Need to dig in further myself, but a few clues from more 
> experiences
> Linux "audionaughts" will probably help narrow it down faster.
> Any input appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Raymond Martin
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