[LAD] Half speed audio playback issue

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Mon Oct 5 18:31:39 UTC 2009

Hello Raymond!
   Just half speed audio with the original pitch is very strange. Usually that 
requries some good FFT-based time-stretching. The octave donw thing and half 
speed is easy. It means: 1. wrong number of channels or 2. wrong internal 
samplerate (much more likely). Does it sound clean? Did you check the format 
of the file using the program file, or even better the sndfile-programs. I 
believe, that's what they are called as packages on Debian (and probably other 
   The half speed issue should have nothig to do with suboptimal hardware. 
Distorted sound, glithcy audio, pops while recording possibly, but even those 
mostly result from bad settings to JACK or simply slow CPUs.
   Sorry, I can't tell you more, but perhaps that might calm you down somehow, 
or help you looking.
   Kindest regards

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