[LAD] 4 Stereo channels ADAT on EMU1212

technical manager tech at studenterradioen.dk
Tue Oct 6 08:14:18 UTC 2009

Hey everyone.

I hope there is some bright minds on this mailing list who can help me.

EMU1212 output 4 differen stereo signals throug ADAT plauying 4 different
sound streams simultasniosly.

The card is installed and alsa recognises it.
aplay -l lists   three devices on card 0
device 0 has 32 subdevices.

device 1 is missing

device 2: has 8 subdevices and is named something with FX controller

Device 3 har 1 subdevice

*sury i dont have the real output at the monet*

In alsamixer (playback) I can select a souce for each of the 2 analog
outputs and each of the 8 ADAT outputs from ADAT0-ADAT7

The sources include DSP0-DSP31 and ADAT0-ADAT7 and some more

Natually i think that the 32 subdevicec in device 0 coresponed to the 32
DSP's in ALSA.
But no matter which of the subdevices i try to guide mplayer ot aply
through, it only plays through the sam DSP's

DSp 0 and DSP1 are respectivly left and rigth channel, dsp 6 and 7 is a
player e damped signal of one of dsp0 or ds1 and dsp8 is also playing one of
DSP1 and 2 undamped though.

the rest of the dsp's does not rout any music unless the souround volume is
turned up.

I Testeed this by listning on all the diferens outputs analog 1 and 2 and
the 8 adat channels while chagin through the diferent sources.,
I can sucessfully send sound from DSP1 and or = to each of the outputs and
therefor the physical output is working fine.
But i am not able to use other DSP than 0 and 1 dispite what commands I give

e.q. mplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=0.0.x MUSIC_FILE
I have tried combinations and all the devices
device 2 and 3 returns an device error.

What can I do ?
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