[LAD] [LAU] [ANN] LADI Session Handler - Preview 1

Florent Berthaut florentberthaut at no-log.org
Tue Sep 1 22:35:32 UTC 2009

Ralf Mardorf a écrit :
> Florent Berthaut wrote:
>> Perhaps it already exists, if it does please let me know ;)
> As far as I know it doesn't exist. One advantage of Linux is, that most 
> desktop environments allow to use virtual desktops, but when making 
> music by using Linux, I very often don't turn off the computer, even if 
> I have a long rest, because I don't like to set up everything after the 
> rest.

and you don't use two times the same setup ?
the point of lashid (previously lash) is actually that you don't have to 
re-setup everything each time.

> I don't know your knowledge about Linux, so I might give a needless 
> hint. Take care to run some applications by disabling the usage of the 
> PID for JACK clients. Restoring a session by using helping applications 
> like jack_snapshot sometimes fail just because of this stupid issue.

i have a workflow that i use all the time (i only make music on 
gnu/linux) and i made a simple script to start the applications and i 
record the connection in qjacktl (so everything is easily restarted) but 
that's only because two of the applications i use (namely freewheeling 
and pure data) don't support lash for now
in other situations i use lash, and i add support for it in all the 
applications that i develop.

I think lashid is "the" way to go.
But i just think it could be interesting to have something to allow 
better management of the musical applications windows.
For example, all the applications i use would startup and tile 
automatically so i can simultaneously see and interact with to the 
sampler, effects rack, live-looper, without having to select the windows 
one by one, one passing over another and so on.

I guess i could used a tiling window manager, but i think it could be 
interesting to have a more "music-oriented" system which could handle 
the audio "and" windows sessions.


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