[LAD] [LAU] [ANN] LADI Session Handler - Preview 1

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sat Sep 5 11:29:41 UTC 2009

Ray Rashif wrote:
> 2009/9/5 Ralf Mardorf <ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net 
> <mailto:ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net>>
>     Ray Rashif wrote:
>         How could I forget - e17 actually has _a lot_ of potential.
>         More than KDE as a whole.
>         http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/36/E17_bw_screenshot.png
>         But that's all it has - potential.
>     I'm an e17 and KDE user and IMHO you are wrong, just because KDE
>     is stable and e17 very, very often is a PITA. I might be wrong,
>     but I guess KDE is able to do nearly everything e17 could do + a
>     little bit more. The only reason not to use KDE3 or KDE4 is the
>     usage of resources by this DE. In addition I would suggest to use
>     KDE with KWin and not a WM that needs proprietary graphics
>     drivers. I'm only referring to the so called "pro-audio" usage.
>     Ralf
> I don't know what you're getting at, but I hope you understand the 
> meaning of "potential". It's evident that e17 has got it right 
> especially when its fancy graphical effects works smoothly on an AMD 
> K6. That's a start, because in that way we know nothing is choking 
> (especially in KWin where there are random artifacts if compositing is 
> disabled). What I'm saying is that it _can_ be comparable to KDE's 
> usability, sometime in the future when it's stable.
> For now I have to keep LXDE as a secondary environment.
> Anyway what WM needs proprietary graphics drivers?

E17 didn't change a lot since it was the default for the JAD installing 
media some years ago, KDE did change a lot. Yes e17 has got potential, 
that's why I'm using it again, but it's very experimental.  I don't like 
crashs when I try to chose fonts, I like to chose fonts etc., something 
that isn't fine for e17.

All those "show my desktops as a cube and add rain to my windows" and 
make all windows transparent needs proprietary drivers, okay, KWin is 
able to do transparency too, but it still isn't a "show my desktops as a 
cube and add rain to my windows" DE.

Just my 2 cents.


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