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Marco Castorina marco.castorina at yahoo.it
Thu Apr 1 08:42:43 UTC 2010

> One part of my income I make as 

> a IPhone developer so let me tell you, deploying on IPhone/Ipod is pain. Its 
> very likely that your app is rejected by Apple because of the limited use so 
> you have to deploy on your own. With the developer account you can only 
> deploy on up to 99 devices and the app is time limited, cant be started 
> after some months. Without it (and a Mac) nothing.

That's why I want to stay away from Apple, at least for the moment.

> You already  suggested game handhelds so possibly a Dingoo A320 would be 
> enough. Input is limited to joypad and some buttons but for a simple 
> multiple choice test its enough. Results could be stored on miniSD card. 
> The Dingoo costs around $60-$80.

This is really interesting, looks like a small DS.

> The next would be a GPH Wiz which offers pen input, its the  successor of 
> GP2X, setting you back with $120-$140

And this one is even better. I like the idea of having stylus input.

> Or get one of these for $99 with keyboard
> http://www.engadget.com/2010/03/15/qi-hardwares-tiny-hackable-ben-nanonote-now-shipping/

You're the second one suggesting this one. It's not too far from
Pandora, but it's cheaper and closer to a smartphone from a
dimension point of view. Do you have experience developing for
these? Is it difficult or it's like any other Linux based system?

> Malte



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