[LAD] successive note on midi events

James Morris james at jwm-art.net
Sun Apr 11 23:52:28 UTC 2010

On Mon, April 12, 2010 00:38, James Morris wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm pretty sure I've seen this dealt with on the list before, but can't
> find it.
> With the program I'm fumbling around trying to create, it will be possible
> for successive note on events for the same pitch to occur without note off
> events intervening.
> Does the MIDI spec allow such things?

Sorry to answer myself so soon...

I guess it is allowed. The simplest case being a sequencer outputting to
the same channel and port as a keyboard player. Nothing can prevent this -

And there's no way in the world that missing note-offs could be added in,
in a fashion guaranteed to cover all possible permutations of connections,
or without delaying the note-on which implies a missing note-off.


> The bash-script prototype of the program did this, and, I believe, the
> soft-synths used, acted appropriately - that is, re-triggered the notes.
> So I guess the question is, does it make any difference if I add-in the
> note-off events - which, thinking about it, is going to be tricky because,
> basically, although the program is sequencing, it will be real time and is
> not psychic!
> Cheers,
> James.
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