[LAD] General question: Components of Music Software

Jeremy jeremy at autostatic.com
Tue Apr 27 09:21:50 UTC 2010

On 04/27/2010 10:34 AM, rosea.grammostola wrote:
> Is beat matching different then beat slicing?

Matching means you match one beat with another, slicing a beat means you
cut up the beat of one specific piece into smaller parts to create
something new. You can slice a beat to make it match with another beat
of course, eg. loop a piece of music and mix it with another piece of music.
Beat matching can also be interpreted as automatic beat analysing and
working with the result of that. Mixxx has this functionality in a
rudimentary form. Not very usable yet. I was referring to this
interpretation actually.

> aubiocut

That's a MIDI slicer, but doesn't do beat analysing.

> http://tardigrade-inc.com/index.php/En/Software

Looks promising, especially Tranches, but no beat analysing either.

> rhythm ferret in Ardour (or what is it's name)?

That's a beat analyser apparently. I don't use Ardour, that's why I
probably didn't know about it. But to use this to match beats, I don't
think it's feasible.

> Freecycle

Now that looks promising, never used it actually, thanks for the tip!

> SuperCollider?

I've never used SuperCollider either, it probably has extensions or
plugins that do beat analysing/matching/slicing.

> \r



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