[LAD] A small article about tools for electronic musicians

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Wed Apr 28 10:25:02 UTC 2010

Louigi Verona wrote:
> Hey Lorenzo!
> The point is not extreme. It deals with music which requires sound 
> manipulation. Thanks to everybody's feedback, I might change the 
> wording to better explain what I mean. As stated in the article, by 
> electronic musician there I mean a musician who manipulates sound. 
> Usually, it is ambient-kinda music, like this:
> http://www.louigiverona.ru/?page=projects&s=music&t=catalogue&num=5 
> <http://www.louigiverona.ru/?page=projects&s=music&t=catalogue&num=5>
> If you listen to that, it is a whole class of electronic music. Having 
> an app like Rakarrack is key for that kind of music - in fact, it is 
> all about transforming sounds, there are no melodies in a strict sense 
> of the word.
> Prior to Rakarrack I was on my way to installing Windows XP on another 
> laptop for music. Now that plan is put to a halt.
> So my article is for a rather niche kind of composers, but it is a 
> niche I want the devs to know about.
> L.V.

I exactly was thinking about music similar to 
http://www.louigiverona.ru/?page=projects&s=music&t=catalogue&num=0, so 
there's no misunderstanding.

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