[LAD] Project proposition: llvm based dsp engine

Maurizio De Cecco jmax at dececco.name
Mon Dec 6 13:11:07 UTC 2010

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

>My own gut feeling on this is that you'd be better off figuring out
>how to do this in the context of Faust, which already does a important
>subset of what you are describing, though notably without (I think)
>the LLVM part.

Surely a contribution to the discussion by the Faust people would
be welcome; and even more than to the discussion :->. By the way, they
do something with LLVM, but i do not know exactly what (Faust is included
in the list of projects using LLVM).

I think the interest, if any, would be in having a *low* level
library generic enough to be used by multiple applications, so
to factor the work. It may be that an existing project have internally
a large part of the needed code, though.

>Note also that hosts which run plugins at the level of LADSPA/LV2,
>VST, AU, DSSI etc are unlikely to be easy candidates for any
>cross-plugin optimization.

I was actually talking about two different context, reusing existing
binaries, and having cross plugin optimisations for native plugins.

But, if the plugins are compiled with a different compilation chain
(using the LLVM compiler producing LLVM byte code, so introducing a different
binary format for them), than cross plugin optimisation is possible also for 
existing plugins like a LADSPA plugin.

Would that be worthwhile ? Difficult to know for sure, but it is an interesting
subject to explore.


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