[LAD] Project proposition: llvm based dsp engine

Albert Graef Dr.Graef at t-online.de
Mon Dec 6 21:25:55 UTC 2010

Maurizio De Cecco wrote:
> Surely a contribution to the discussion by the Faust people would
> be welcome; and even more than to the discussion :->. By the way, they
> do something with LLVM, but i do not know exactly what (Faust is included
> in the list of projects using LLVM).

Thanks to Stephane Letz' work, Faust has had an LLVM backend for some
time. (You need to get the faust2 branch from the Faust git repo for
that, however.) Faust2 supports the creation of both LLVM assembler and
bitcode. The latter can be loaded and executed directly by other LLVM
clients (such as my own Pure, which also sports inlining of Faust
programs in Pure scripts now).


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