[LAD] Fwd: Qtest Mobile App Port Contest for Qt and KDE applications

Niels Mayer nielsmayer at gmail.com
Sat Dec 25 20:02:27 UTC 2010

If you need something to push you over the edge and port your existing
Qt/KDE music-making or multimedia app to the N900 running Symbian,
Maemo, or Meego: http://qt-apps.org/news/?id=340 (see below).

Some ideas (please?):
http://sv1.sourceforge.net/ == http://www.sonicvisualiser.org/
http://kmid2.sourceforge.net http://kmetronome.sourceforge.net
http://vmpk.sourceforge.net/ http://qtractor.sourceforge.net
http://qmidictl.sourceforge.net http://qmidinet.sourceforge.net


Win 10.000,- EUR at the "Qtest Mobile App Port"
Published: Dec 20 2010	

Qtest Mobile App Port
Contest for Qt and KDE applications

Welcome to the Qtest Mobile App Port! As developers of applications
using Qt, you already know how great it is to work with - but how
about on mobile platforms, such as Symbian and MeeGo? How would you
like to take that step you have been wanting to take, but not been
able to justify: Take your application from the desktop and bring it
into the hand-held world via the Ovi store.
Let this contest be the justification, with the possibility of a new
phone or even 10,000 euros waiting at the end.

The contest starts on 20th of December, 2010, and runs till 28th of
February. The 31st of December is important for you if you wish to
take part in the Early Bird competition. If you do no win, you will
still take part in the main competition, and will be allowed to
continue your work and submit new versions to the Ovi Store. The 28th
of February is the deadline for taking part in the main competition.

Developer Sprint: There will be a sponsored developer sprint organized
together with the KDE e.V. during the competition. The travel and stay
can be paid for if you do not have the budget yourself. Further
details will be made public at a later time, and all participants will
be notified of this information via email.

Judging and prizes:
The Qtest Mobile App Port is evaluated by a panel of judges which will
be announced in the next few days. The jury will pic 5 winners at 31th
of December as the early bird winners. Every winner gets a free N900
phone. The main competition first prize is EUR 10,000, which will be
awarded to the application which the judges find to be the best ported
application. The second to sixth price will be another 5 N900 phones.

And, finally: Everybody who takes part in the competition will be
awarded a gift bag, with a T-shirt and other merchandise.


To be able to take part in the contest, the ported application must be
submitted for Ovi Store signing by one of the two deadlines:
- Early bird entries must be submitted by December 31st
- Standard entries must be submitted by February 28th

You also have to submit your application to the "Mobile Contest"
category on Qt-Apps.org or MeeGo-Central.org

You can submit your application to the Ovi Store as many times as you
wish during the competition. This allows you to get feedback from the
public on your software. It´s possible to submit new or existing
KDE/Qt applications

So have fun and good luck everybody!



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