[LAD] Identify Peek in Drum Samples

Oliver Jaun olijaun at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 27 08:06:38 UTC 2010


Thanks to all for the good hints. I succeeded yesterday in creating a first 
"closed-hi-hat-gigasampler" file with my "application". I'm using currently 
libsndfile to calculate the "signal max" (as proposed by Paul Davis).

I will publish the source code in case that something usable will result...


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måndag 20 december 2010 10.27.23 skrev  Oliver Jaun:
> Hello
> I bought the natural drum samples (http://www.naturaldrum.com/). It
> contains WAVs and presets for Kontakt and Halion. Now I'd like to create
> some gigasampler files in order to use it with linuxsampler.
> I could then write a C++-App using libgig.
> Any ideas? Libraries? Algorithms?

This is not what you asked for but FYI, this is what I did and still works on 
on NDK: -I converted almost every single sample to mono and generally choosed 
the "best" 8 to 16 sample layers for every drum item by ear. I made (making) 
onn gig file for every item like one for hh13 (with brushes, sticks and hand 
and so on) and one rock snare and so on and then combines them (gig files) to 
be Natural Drum Kits.


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