[LAD] a case for a knob control standard?

hermann brummer- at web.de
Tue Nov 2 17:16:30 UTC 2010

> When such an audio-gui standard and configuration is developed, I would love to 
> participate. And use it in my apps. I think its a good idea, especially the 
> idea of allowing the user to switch between circular and linear behaviour for 
> round controls. And have that changes affect all apps supporting this 
> "standard".
As far there is no such a standard and it seems it wouldn't come so fast. So I
have add a menu option to gx_head (guitarix successor) were the user can select 
between radial or linear knob interaction. All is in a lib witch can be used 
static or shared. The switch work with a bool operator, and it will be easy to
set it over getenv() for example.

More difficult it will be to comes to a conclusion in the free developer world 
of how, why, if and would we really all use the same environment variable.
If we, it makes now matter witch lib or not one use to create the knob, only
the var needs to be read.

greats  hermann

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