[LAD] PCM Troubleshooting Questions

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Wed Nov 3 18:23:13 UTC 2010

On 10/31/2010 08:51 PM, Rory Filer wrote:

> I've actually heard _some_ recognizable audio - I could tell it was
> the song I had selected, but it sounded very distorted (sounded
> horrible) and I'm certain it wasn't because of a weak FM transmitter
> signal. I'm guessing it was a mismatch in the formatting of the I2S
> data between what I was sending and what the FM Tx chip was expecting
> and that has formed the basis of my troubleshooting effort.

i think it might be byte ordering... if you swap the lower and the upper
byte of a 16bit signal, you will get heavy distortion-like noise, but -
miracle of the human brain - you can still hear some of the audio in the

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