[LAD] [OT] killing kittens

Victor Lazzarini Victor.Lazzarini at nuim.ie
Thu Nov 4 16:07:22 UTC 2010

If you were at LAC in Parma, you'd have heard a 3-part strictly  
invertible counterpoint fugue I wrote, used as
an example for some distortion synthesis instruments. Just a bit of fun.

On 4 Nov 2010, at 15:48, Jörn Nettingsmeier wrote:

> On 11/04/2010 01:18 PM, Victor Lazzarini wrote:
>> Not to mention Jazz musicians, arrangers, Debussy, Ravel,  
>> Stravinsky...
>> Sounds like a teutonic idea of Musik (sorry Joern...), rather than
>> anything else.
> of course it is. in strict counterpoint, parallel perfect consonances
> are streng verboten, on account of being unsanglich and straight out
> hässlich.
> and where would we be today if such eternal truths were open to  
> dispute?
> oh, erm, wait, you mean people actually do that stuff these days?
> (three muses exeunt, mumbling something about tempora and mores...)

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