[LAD] [ANN][Request] AlsaPlayer-0.99.81 is out !

Dominique Michel dominique.michel at vtxnet.ch
Mon Nov 8 00:47:07 UTC 2010

I send the following to the LAA :

This is a bug fix release.

A big thanks to all that send fixes to me, without you, the AlsaPlayer will not
be living.

See the ChangeLog for the details and the names of the contributors :

I will also stress you to contribute to the AlsaPlayer. At least 2 things need
to be fixed. The first one is the jack output plugin that is using deprecated
functions. The second one is the resampling. For that, libsamplerate will give
a better quality.

Enjoy the AlsaPlayer,

          # # # # #

To quote Fons (he do have a better English than mine) :

While it's a nice player, it has some serious audio quality

- Resampling 44.1 -> 48 kHz (for jack) sounds horrible...

- The sndfile input plugin reduces everything to 16 bits.
  This is really absurd, even if your files and your
  sound card are 24 bit you only get 16. 
  Floating point wav files apparently aren't read at all
  (they load but produce silence when played).

All of this could be solved by using a good resampler
lib, and making the internal format floating point 
rather than short.

          # # # # #

This change can be made using libsample rate. This is a must have feature for
me, and it must be implemented before any other change because it will ease
further development (it is a lot of free re-usable audio code in float).

I am just an admin and don't have the knowledge to make the needed code.
Anybody that can contribute such a great feature for AP will be welcomed. If
you are interested, please take contact with me, on this list or privately.

Dominique Michel

"We have the heroes we deserve."

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