[LAD] [ANN][Request] AlsaPlayer-0.99.81 is out !

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+la at mega-nerd.com
Mon Nov 8 01:23:12 UTC 2010

Dominique Michel wrote:

> While it's a nice player, it has some serious audio quality
> issues.
> - Resampling 44.1 -> 48 kHz (for jack) sounds horrible...

Which resampler are you using?

> - The sndfile input plugin reduces everything to 16 bits.
>   This is really absurd, even if your files and your
>   sound card are 24 bit you only get 16. 
>   Floating point wav files apparently aren't read at all
>   (they load but produce silence when played).

This is not a problem with libsndfile itself, but rather 
with the way you are using libsndfile.

> All of this could be solved by using a good resampler
> lib, and making the internal format floating point 
> rather than short.

There is little reason not to use 32 bit float as an
internal format, even on things like netbooks and

> I am just an admin and don't have the knowledge to make the needed code.
> Anybody that can contribute such a great feature for AP will be welcomed. If
> you are interested, please take contact with me, on this list or privately.

Who are the developers of this project or has it been

Erik de Castro Lopo

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