[LAD] Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch

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Sun Oct 3 22:28:43 UTC 2010

On Fri, Oct 01, 2010 at 09:36:53AM +0200, Jens M Andreasen wrote:

> Another example: Play two sinewaves, 1 Hz apart. Every second they will
> cancel out each other completely - even if they undeniably are both
> present. 

Yes, but this is nothing special. The two cancel at exactly one point
in each one second period, and that point need not even correspond to
a sample. The 'impulse' example is different: *all* samples are zero
except one per period. 

But OTOH, if you would upsample the impulse signal (or turn it into
its analog form), it would not be zero most of the time, and the zero
points would be the exception like they are in your example - they 
just happen to coincide with the samples at the original rate. So
in fact that is not really different.

Which again illustrates that 'the samples are not the signal', and
that any simplistic way to interpret them easily leads to the wrong



There are three of them, and Alleline.

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